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We specialize in the design, testing, installation, system integration, updating, repair and management of fire, facility safety, life safety, building and facility maintenance and security systems. The design and engineering professionals at Integrated Systems Technology, LLC have the benefit of working hands-on with the latest developments in building maintenance, security, fire and hazard control systems.

We also do maintenance, emergency repairs, turnkey projects, retrofits and refurbishment, custom designs, evaluations and certifications, insurance negotiation assessments, site surveys, plan/specifications review, component and unit inspections, equipment condition reports, failure investigations, repair cost estimates, plan and specification review, system failure investigations, system condition reports, condition analysis and alternative evaluations for commercial and government entities.

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Our NAICS Codes

Primary NAICS codes:
238210, 238220, 488310, 488390, 541513, 561210, 561621, 541350, 541990

Additional NAICS codes:
541330, 541511, 541512, 541340, 541690, 541712, 236116, 236117, 236118, 236210, 236220, 237110, 237130, 238990, 423610, 423620 423690, 238220, 238210, 561612, 561790, 561910, 115310

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